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Moringa and Global Warming
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Global warming affects poor countries much more than rich nations. Changes in rainfall patterns, can be very catastrophic for millions of people. So with growing population in many countries, fresh water supply is... Read More

Why Not Make a U-TURN to Good Health?
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All around us are health books, diet books, which we read endlessly, visit to doctor’s office for check ups, which we pay so much for. Great things to do, but remember it is... Read More

The Western World Needs Moringa Too
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“Why doesn’t everybody in the world already know about this?” This is a common reaction that people have when they discover the astounding nutritional benefits of Moringa. According to recent nutrition studies, Moringa... Read More

Kidney Story
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A couple of years ago, my neighbors who had received samples and flyers of Moringa Mama, met with a situation where they had to give away their Moringa to a cousin who had... Read More

Moringa in the Garden
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Every Home Should Have One I encourage every home, school, every health center, every hospital to take and example from the Filipinos.  Every home in the Philippines has a Malungguay (Moringa) tree in... Read More

In Haiti – From Mud-Pies to Moringa
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………………… Hephzibah Ene’s first Moringa Mission, in 2009, was as part of Global Passion Mission‘s team who were invited to help an orphanage in La Saline, Haiti.  GPM shares the story of what... Read More